A Dot that Went for a Walk by Generation

A Dot that Went for a Walk by Generation


Generation was envisioned in 1983 by a husband-wife duo, Saad and Nosheen Rahman, as a solution to the growing demand for fast fashion by the urban Pakistani woman. Today this family’s ideology has culminated into a leading ready-to-wear woman’s clothing brand that provides fresh stock to their stores a few times a week with no repeatation in design. The Generation woman has since become an iconic symbol that holds this vision together, a woman who celebrates her family’s tradition with a permanent undertone of innovation and creativity.
The Generation clothing lines are a personification of this woman’s values and a representation of her in different times of her life.

Generation woman offers fashionable, versatile and comfortable designs that make use of numerous printing and embroidery techniques in casual and semi casual outfits. In the midst of bold and exaggerated embellishments, Generation also develops basic designs using impactful silhouettes and cut lines. Generation Formals line includes formal designs that harmonize with an effort to preserve local cultures and celebrate tradition. The line offers semi-formal, wedding and party wear. The line focuses on creating an appealing and economical formal variety.
Generation Classic embodies the timelessness of the Generation woman, clothing that never goes out of fashion and can become a permanent part of a woman’s wardrobe. With creative experimentation of textures and colours, this line brings forward the element of elegance in its designs. Generation Cottage, part of the same line, uses traditional Pakistani hand embroideries by women across villages around the country to create innovative one off atypical techniques.

Generation flo is a high street, fashion forward line born out of a fusion of eastern and western elements. With an eye on international fashion, the line specializes in designs, cuts and patterns that seek to fuse ethnicity with the glamour of chic. Apart from bringing innovation to its product portfolio, the Generation brand also designs its own fabrics and prints. Today Generation has stores in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Faislabad. Its flagship stores can be found in Lahore and Karachi. The company will be opening one more stores soon in Lahore Defence

Generation is the name synonymous with the high street fashion of Pakistan. The range of generation is always impressing and aspiring as its gives a very urban feel to the persons wearing their pieces. In addition to the urban feel, Generation always come up with new themes and effects to their fabric and entire collection.


Generation showcased ‘A dot that went for a walk’ at #FPW16 in#Karachi on 9th April.
Inspired from artist extraordinaire Paul Klee’s quote ‘A a dot that went for a walk’; the collection was a celebration of movement and form that is the base characteristic of fabric itself.
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