Asim Jofa Shoots/Fashion Shows Collection 2015-2016

Asim Jofa Shoots/Fashion Shows Collection 2015-2016

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Asim Jofa takes very fantastic shoot on his western collection. Amna sheikh and Emaan Ali are models to shoot of Asim Jofa dresses. Both these models wear Asim Jofa Latest western and exclusive collections of outfits. Asim Jofa is one of the fashion designers who receive standing ovation according to the esteemed publication Gulf News in packed house Dubai Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011. A sign of Asim Jofa is Prêt Line prized by its lover and hard working specialist in the Fashion Industry of London, Canada, UAE and US. Asim Jofa Handmade work of art skills and better quality of stuff to offers you the luxury of royal dresses every time.


Emaan Ali and Amna sheikh with her beautiful look, styles to wears Asim Jofa Outfits. These dresses are out class, stylish and soft shade stuff of silver, dark purple, green, white, beige and nevy blue. There is exclusive range of western wear dress and Paper Pk represents you Asim Jofa Shoots collection 2015. Talented photographer Ather shahzad takes shoots of both models.

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In Pakistan, people are willing to spend more money on purchasing outfits especially most people are ready to spend money on designer dresses that provide an elegant and uniqueness at behind of these dresses.Asim Jofa’s Brand is famous at international level people love to wear his outfits and it give you classy look. By keeping complete customer’s satisfaction they give you best and best to wear.

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Eye catching designs and styles of its dresses always made the customer attract. No doubt his collection always stunning and beautiful. He always use unique and attractive color scheme that give you unique elegant look. Asim Jofa constantly used to offer coordinating accessories, bangles, studs and rings with outfits to make the dress ideal for its clients. Asim Jofa grass brand is the quickly developing and fast offering wheat the nation over.

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This brand is utilizing the splendid and intriguing hues with the weaving made of diamonds to give a look of ruler dresses. We can say that this is the time of rivalry where everybody requests as indicated by pattern and all brands are attempting to thrashing one another by giving great accumulations.

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