Aura Art Jewelry by Sundas Talpur

Aura Art Jewelry by Sundas Talpur


Aura Art Jewelry is an inevitable brand of jewelry that is known for their out of the box pure gold hand crafted jewels. The jewelery pieces introduce by Sundas Talpur is literally out of this world in terms of their make and their formation. There are beautiful sets including ear cuffs, palm cuffs, hand cuffs and many other things.


The designs and styles of the jewels are inspired from the nature such as beautifully crafted floral hand cuffs, earrings and rings. In addition to that there is an inspiration taken from the classic jewels of British Era that includes the beautiful make of diamonds and pearls in 22 k gold. The end product is beautifully finished and is appropriate to be worn on any occasion such as weddings, evening parties, get to gathers etc.


The brand is known for Exclusive Jeweler Designs by Saba Talpur. Diamonds, precious and semi precious stones, Diamond-Polki and Kundan, all set in 22K gold. Paper Pk brings for you Aura Art jewelry collection so please have a look.

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