Ayesha Chottani Designer Embroidered Collection 2016

Ayesha Chottani Designer Embroidered Collection 2016


Ayesha Chottani summer collection is going to launch on all the stores nationwide on 29th of August 2016. The collection is designed by Ayesha Chottani and is going to be launched by the Shariq Textile Mills Limited. The article on Classy Dressy contains the pre-launch images of Ayesha Chottani Collection that is launched especially for the midsummer season. The collection is available in both stitched and unstitched format and it has standard 3 piece styling that contains Shirt, Trousers and Doppata in it. The designs of the collection are up to date and the colors are enchanting and attractive so it is a very good option for the ladies and girls to opt this option for Summers.

Color Range of Ayesha Chottani Collection 2016


There are different colors in the collection such as Red, Pink, Beige, Sky Blue, Purple, Orange, Green and many trendy and seasonal colors. The collection available in both stitched and unstitched pieces and you can purchase it according to your style.

Designs of Ayesha Chottani Collection 2016


Various designs are available in the Ayesha chottani midsummer collection 2016 by shariq textile but few are followings.

  • V shape neckline with simple printing both on shirt & Dupaata and with ¾ sleeves
  • Band shape neckline with elegant printing on whole of the shirt along full sleeves.
  • Nightly style kurti with the strips on the shoulders without sleeves.

These are few designs available in this collection along with others

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