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Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is  is a Pakistani journalist, activist and filmmaker. This woman who has made the nation tremendously proud is not only an Academy and Emmy Award winning filmmaker but also Oscar winner! After graduating from Simths College she gave a kick start to her filmmaking career.

Pakistan’s president respected Sharmeen’s efforts with Hilal-e-Imtiaz, the second highest civilian award for bringing honor to Pakistan as a filmmaker. However, she is not only recognized globally with her awe-inspiring skills but also for projecting a different image of Pakistan.

The first Oscar winning documentary, Saving Face in 2012, is based on acid attacks on women. She has featured two victims in the film who struggle for justice and healing. Their physical and emotional scars were too deep to be filled but by giving them a voice through an International medium, gives them faith. Sharmeen has discouraged the under-reporting of acid violence against women due to cultural and structural imbalances of the patriarchal Pakistani society.   A hopeful future perhaps awaits.


It was not long after Saving Face, her name was called at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, for best short subject documentary film of the year 2016. The film, A Girl in the River – The Price of Forgiveness, highlights yet another prominent issue of honour killings in Pakistan. She intends to raise awareness in times where crimes go unreported and criminals wander freely.

With the government’s support, Sharmeen hopes to walk down numerous red carpets like these for Pakistan.


While at the Oscars, she did not leave an opportunity to portray the Pakistani vibrant fashion industry by wearing designer outfits. Her first Oscar’s outfit was designed by Banto Kazmi and now it was Sana Safinaz chance to further enhance the night for this impressive lady. She walked the red carpet of the Oscar 2016 with a long floor length black dress and her team. The stunningly elegant black long velvet coat over a silk dress was embellished with silver silk thread and enriched with pearls and shells. For the much needed flair, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy ornamented her outfit with statement jewellery pieces by Kiran Fine jewellery. While her classic appeal and charm were the highlight of the night, the confidence and zeal is also hard to ignore.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy is Confident, Successful and FASHIONABLE.

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