Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities at HUM TV Awards

Best and Worst Dressed Celebrities at HUM TV  Awards

Hum TV Awards created quite a buzz in the recent times and the event was a classy affair when it comes to the celebrity styling and dresses. Most of the Pakistani celebrities now carry them with effortless ease, grace and Élan and our designers are no less than any other designers in terms of dressing and styling. Nevertheless there are always a few hits and a few misses. Today at Classy Dressy we are going to decode the looks and the dresses of our favorite celebrities from Hum TV awards and we are going to pick our own best and worst dressers at the event.

Best Dressed at Hum Tv

  1. Sanam Saeed


Sanam Saeed truly stole the show by wearing a Shehla Chatoor blue silk gown. Everything of her look including hair makeup and choice of accessories from Remaluxe was spot and classy.

  1. Nadia Hussain


Nadia Hussain chose a glittering Ayesha Haswani gown and we don’t have a single problem with her choice. This mother of four always manage to look regel, timeless and classy

  1. Syera Shehrox


Saira Sherox also opted for a Shehla Chatoor ball gown. The choice of the gown effortlessly one of the best dressed celebrities at Hum Awards. She has tramsformed herself from a girl next door to a classy and mature lady and it is obvious.

  1. Humaimma Malick

Humaimma Malick chose to wear and Elan gown and carried with a great poise and Elan. This outfit was also supported by Alia Bhatt on a cover of magazine a few days ago and surely this dress is made for the fashion divas indeed.


  1. Hummayyon Sayyed

Hummayyon Saeed was the only guy in the house who made it to look effortlessly classy in his smart cut suit.

Worst Dressed at Hum Tv Awards

  1. Nousheen and Resham

The duo looked poorly styled in terms of their dress and makeup. Resham pants needed some serious steaming and Nausheen’s hair do and purple lip colour was not at all flattering


  1. The Hoccane Sisters

Hoccane Sisters are in an urgent need of some real and classy stylist. Although Mawra was wearing a Zara outfit but it was more suited for a slumber party as compared to an evening formal function. We can’t understand why on earth Urwa chose to make that hairstyle. The pop art clutches were too mainstream and outdated.


  1. Noor

I guess while choosing her outfit nor was confused whether she is going on a modern evening award show or on her cousins walima. Her Zainib Chottani outfit was a complete NO NO for that evening


  1. Sumbal Iqbal

Her choice of a shamose silk top was literally a poor one. She was reminding us of the princess bubble gum with her sweet pink skirt. Everything from her feathery necklace and eyesore of shoes was unimpressive.


  1. Rema

Rema no doubt was the diva of Pakistani film industry but at this occasion she looked bit baffled.Her Asim Jofa gown was a poor choice for the evening. The material and color of the gown doesn’t suit her either.


  1. Sarwat Gillani

Sarwat GillaniRohit Bal outfit was not a complete failure. The dress and the look was otherwise perfect but was spoiled by that hideous floral cape.






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