Best Eid Hairstyles 2016

Best Eid Hairstyles 2016


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Eid preparations are going on and everyone is going back and forth to the markets, tailors and putting together all the trinkets to have a blissful Eid. Everyone wants to doll up for the Eid day so that they can look chic beautiful and unique on this special event. Hair is the most important aspect of the overall look and the personality of the woman. Classy Dressy bring for you the ultimate and classy hair guide for this Eid with our post Best Eid Hairstyles 2016. Here are our details and directions of Best Eid Hairstyles 2016 for the festival coming up.

The Classic Blow Out

blowout 3

blowout 1 blowout 2

A classic blow out is an ever green hairstyle and also Best Eid Hairstyles 2016 that never goes out of the fashion. It is easy to make a simple blow out without going to the professional saloon. The basic step to achieve a classic blow out is to apply a volumanizing serum or spray to your hair. After applying the serum take a large barreled round brush and a blow dryer. Use section clips to divide your hair into different sections. Take each section at a time and roll the brush evenly in that section. While rolling through the sections apply heat and blow the section of the hair out. Do this for all the sections and apply a hair spray to set the sections at their place.

The Twisted Front Chignon

chignon1 chignon2 chignon3

Eid is coming in a hot and humid weather and in such a harsh weather many people don’t opt for an open hairdo so here is an extremely easy and chic option for styling your hair if you want them in a tied and closed hair do as a Best Eid Hairstyles 2016. A twisted Chignon is very easy to make jus apply hair serum to your hair and flatten your hair with a flat iron. Part the hair to the one side and take one inch thick strand of hair and twist this strand from the scalp of the head to the ear keeping adding few fractions of the hair in the strand you have taken in the beginning. Now pin the strand of the hair behind your ear. Take the remaining hair and tie it up in a pony tail. Tie the hair around the rubber band and clip them at the side of your head.

The Flat Straight Look

faltst2 flatstraight1 flatstraight3

If your Eid dress is too fancy or heavy then you must prefer to leave your hair flat and straight as it is also Best Eid Hairstyles 2016. Flattening the hair is too easy and simple. After having a hair wash let them dry completely. Never flatten your hair while they are wet inside as it will leave them fluffy and rough. Apply a protective serum on your hair and divide them into multiple sections. Apply flattening iron to each and every section to make them sleek and straight. Once done apply a little amount of hair spray to keep the hair at their place and to avoid damage by humidity.

Loose Curls

loosecurls loosecurls2 loosecurls3 loosecurls4

Loose Curls is also one of the Best Eid Hairstyles 2016 as it is very easy to make. Loose curls are casual stylish and edgy. In order to make some loose curls apply curling serum to your hair so that they become a bit soft. You can take a large barrel curling iron or a flat iron to add up loose curls in your hair. Simply warp the sectioned hair strands around the curling iron and check the heat level of hair with your fingers. Once you decide the heat level is enough to set the hair let the strand go off the curling iron. To keep them asset lightly apply the hair spray on the hair.

The Side Braid

sidebraid1 sidebraid2 sidebraid3 sidebraid4

Braids are in look chic super cute and trendy. Braids are very simple to do and termed as Best Eid Hairstyles 2016 because they are classic. Tie the hair in a pony tail by pulling them to one side. Tie the hair into a pony tail at the nap of the neck so that they remain at the side. Make a braid at the down ward side so that braid is formed and mover forward as you like.

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