Best Frocks Styles For Girls 2016-2017

Best Frocks Styles For Girls



In fashion design, dressing is one of most discussing topic for every next woman. All girls and women want to look most pretty, stylish and mind blowing. According to this point of view fashion trends changes rapidly in daily life. In party or other occasions girls wears those dresses that look different from others followed by fashion. Frocks are latest trend and traditional culture of Asians. Many different types of stylish design of frocks are available in market. Women wear frocks on party and functions. Here different kinds of frocks are given as;

Umbrella Frock

Umbrella Frock white colour

Umbrella frocks, the bottom of dress is wide and large as an umbrella shape. Different colors of light and dark with contrast according to your taste and demand. Piping the layer with fancy gotta. Frock bottom suits with banarsi Patti, laces and ribbons. Umbrella frock suits with churidar pajama.

Kalidar Frock

kaliyon wali frock  white colour

Girls mostly wear Kalidar frocks on party, wedding and other functions. Kalidar frock suits with churidar pajama. Kalidar frocks decorated with stylish laces and motifs. Length of kalidar frock touches floor looked more gorgeous and good looking.

Air-Line Frock

airline frock

Air-line frock is simple and casual frock that wear in parties and functions. Airline frock suits with churidar pajama and trouser. Length of Air-line frock is same as simple kameez. Cutting of Air-line is easy and stitched at home. Different colors of frock you can wear according to your requirement.

Angrakha Frock

angrakha frock 4

Angrakha frocks mostly wear on wedding functions. This type of frocks commonly used by bridal as a dress and length of frock depends on your choice. Angrakha frocks wear as both fancy and casual on parties. Angrakha frocks beautify with brooches, beads, diamond and motifs to increase your beauty and personality.

Peshwas Frock

peshwas frock 1

Peshwas frock is a simple long frock and bottom wide like as a gown. Length of frock touches the floor and this type of frocks fulfilled the demand of women due to trends of fashion. Peshwas frock beautify with stylish laces, ribbons and motifs. Peshwas frock suits with tight pajama and choridar pajama looks more attractive and gorgeous.

Anarkali Frock

anarkali frock

Anarkali Frock is same as Peshwas frock, width of frock is huge in round and length is full according to your height. In Fashion, Anarkali frock is most traditional suit and wears more as compared to other frocks. Anarkali frock makes more beautiful with stylish laces, embroidered ribbons and motifs or beads.

Lvory Frock


Lvory frock is different from all other kinds of frock. Lvory frock length wise could be long or short. Lvory frock mostly available in two colors like white or off white. This type of frocks used in wedding functions.


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