Best Hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Faces

Best Hairstyles for Diamond Shaped Faces


If your cheekbones are wider as compared to your jaw lines your faced is claimed to be a diamond shaped face. Selecting a good and suitable hairstyle for a diamond shaped face is a tough job as not all the hair styles suits the diamond shaped faces. For your assistance Paper Pk brings for you the best hair styles for diamond shaped faces.

Chin Length Bob Hairstyle

The jawline of the diamond shaped face is extremely sharp and pointy. The chin length bob hairstyle will help you in hiding your extra sharp jaw line with Elan and grace. This hairstyle is a glossy one and provides you with a young and fun loving look


Side Partnering of Short Hair

Side Partnering is the excellent solution to cover up the sharp edges of the jaw line. This hairstyle will provide your face with a decent and beautiful angle and relieves the harsh looks of your face. This hairstyle also makes you look young.


Layered Long Hairs

Long and layered hairs are the best for the diamond shaped faces as the long layers of the hair conceals your sharp jaw line with ease and comfort. This will also help in concealing the wide angles of your cheek bones as a result your face will look less square.


Short or Medium Bangs

This look is also ideal for the diamond cut face. The bangs will cover your forehead partially and will give a less pointed look to your face. This style will take off the attention of the people from the lower part of your face.


Tousled Waves

This hairstyle gives a messy and rather undone sort of look to your hair. This will create a look that your hair is a little messed up. This hairstyle will provide bulkiness to your face.


Pulled Back Ponytail

Pulled up pony tail is one of the easiest styles for the diamond shaped face. The hair looks classy and stylish in the ponytail giving you a balanced look at your face.


Centre Parted Bangs

In this hairstyle, the hair is well-parted in the middle. Strands of hair are pulled to hide the sides of the forehead. This type of look conceals the bad angles of the cheekbones as well. The hairstyle looks very natural and appealing.


Bardot Bangs

This look makes the face look a lot smaller. For diamond-shaped face women, this hairstyle will be the perfect look for wearing at any event.




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