Capes Trend of Winter 2015

Capes Trend of Winter 2015


Capes are the best and the most trendy alternative to the jackets. Capes provide you with the same warmth and coziness as the jacket or coat and they are much more trendy and chic as compared to the coats and the jackets. Another perk of wearing a cape is that you can wear it over a huge and heavy sweater and inner and will not look bad or oversized at all. The cape fits very well on any kind of the comfey knit. The reason behind this fact is that the capes are loose and baggy and you don’t need a zipper to pull them up.


Gone are the days one everybody has to stuff itself in the shawl during the cold hours of the winters. Gone are the days when bundling up in the winters was a fiasco and was irritating as you have to wear jacket or coat over your favorite dresses. Paper Pk brings for you new and stylish capes for the winter 2015 so have a look.

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