Amir Liaquat

Amir-Liaquat-collectionAmir Liaquat is one of the leading names in the media and TV industry of Pakistan. He is a well-known Islamic scholar, presenter and anchor of the TV. Amir Liaquat has launched his own clothing range in the summer fabric by the name of Amir Liaquat Lawn. The best thing about these lawn suits is that they are extremely beautiful and equally affordable. The designs are no less than a top designer and the fabric of the cloth is also good and durable.

The prints and patterns of the suits of Amir Liaquat Hussain are very eye catching and soothing with respect to the season of summer. The prints are bold however they are use intelligently with the soft and dark tones of the colors that they look attractive and interesting. There is light embroidery on the neck line, back, border line and sleeves of the shirts to make the dresses even more formal and festive.