Chand Raat Mubarik

Chand Raat Mubarik

Chand Raat is known as the night of the moon and it is observed at the last eve of the Ramazan that can be 29th of Ramazn or 30th of Ramazan depending upon the sighting of moon. Chand Raat is celebrated among the Islamic community around the globe however Indo-Pak Sub Continent the concept of Chand Raat is that of a festival. This raat is celebrated as a night of celebration and fun where relatives and neighbors come together to celebrate the upcoming day of Eid and go to the shops, chand festivals and for outings together.

History of Chand Raat


The history of this raat or night is associated with the history of sighting of the moon for the Eid ul Fitr. Chand Raat is very meaningful to its celebrants as they sight moon and thank to Allah Almighty that the holy month of Ramadan is now completed and blessing of Allah in terms of thankfulness are now showering on the Muslims. The occurrences of the Chand Raat soley depend on the sighting of the Lunar Crescent of Shawal.

Chand Raat Rituals


There are a number of Rituals that are associated with the chand raat and some of them we have accumulated as under:-

  • Last Minute Shopping
  • Mehendi Application
  • Jewelry Shopping
  • Clothes Shopping
  • Hanging Out with Friends
  • Parlor Appointments

Chaand Raat is comparable to Christmas Eve in terms of preparation and anticipation of both festivals.On this day the celebrants greet each other with ‘Chaand Raat Mubarak’ i.e. Have a blessed night of the new moon. Often, religious and political leaders are invited to the Chaand Raat program as special guests. Chaand Raat festivities from Pakistan, especially Karachi, are televised events. Chaand Raat is associated with Eid-ul-Fitr rather than Eid-al-Adha because the date of the latter is usually made known 9 days in advance, thus lessening the feeling of anticipation, which is the whole point of Chaand Raat to begin with.

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