Cross Stitch Lawn Collection 2016

Cross Stitch Lawn Collection 2016



Cross Stitch one of the most iconic and finest brands of Pakistan that deals in the prêt, fabric and ready to wear assembles. The brand was known for its classic cross stitch embroidery however with the passage of time the brand has evolved into something new and innovative and now counted among the leading brands of Pakistan in terms of designer dresses. The dresses of the brand are modern however the style is rooted deep down with the ethnic and traditional clothing of Pakistan that is intelligently transformed into the stylish modern wear dresses for today’s classy ladies and female lot of Pakistan.


Cross Stitch is known for merging traditional needle work of Pakistan with the contemporary and modern embroidery and embellishment techniques to create splendid masterpieces in the form of fabric and ready to wear clothing. Paper Pk brings for you the new and latest Cross Stitch Luxury Prêt Embroidered Collection that is ideal for the upcoming occasion of Summer

Cross Stitch Unstitched Lawn Summer Collection 2016


Cross Stitch is a brand that is known for launching new ranges of their designer dresses after a few weeks so that they can supplement their clients with fresh and modern clothing. This is the fact behind the new and fresh embroidered luxury prêt collection of Cross Stitch that is now in stores to be got purchased. The new and latest collection of Cross Stitch is the Cross Stitch Lawn Embroidered Collection for Summer that contains unstitched wear for the festive season in the form of classic embroidery


  • The collection contains unstitched embroidered two piece dresses made on pure linen fabric
  • There is 2.5 Meter Shirt that include front, back and the sleeves of the shirt
  • There is modern and contemporary style of embroidery on the shirts
  • There are shirts that have stylish embroidery on the necklines and sleeves of the shirts
  • There are fully embroidered shirts that are heavily embroidered and are suitable for formal occasions
  • Shirts are stitched in modern and stylish way with stylish stitching embellishments on the border and neckline.
  • Most of the shirts are short in style along with ankle high Capri’s
  • There are embellishments used in the dresses such as pearls, beads and fabric stylishly stitched into the dresses

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