Delphi Luxury Prêt Collection 2015

Delphi Luxury Prêt Collection 2015


The Brand

Delphi is the luxury brand catering the apparel and dresses need of Pakistani modern elites since 1994. The brand was established by the veteran designer of Pakistan Nargis Kiani who was later joined by her daughter named Nida Tapal. The brand has a signature style and feel of the dresses that is present in all of their dresses and one can easily differentiate a Delphi dress from other multiple brands. The brand is thriving to keep alive the ancient art of crochet and its use in making excellent floral and geometrical patterns within the fabric. The crochet is an ancient craft and still it can give new and modern embroidery techniques a run for their money.


Features and Designs of the Delphi Luxury Prêt Collection 2015

  • The embroidery of the dresses are inspired by the beautiful animals of the nature such as gazelle and swan.
  • The labeled has travelled the far ends of the Pakistan such as Kashmir and Galigit Baltistan to get the inspiration of the ancient craft crochet and its use in their dresses
  • The dresses have a crochet base and are adorned with the sequins, pearls, thread and diamantes to give a formal and classy look to the dresses
  • The label is further divided into three sub labels that are listed as under
    • Delphi Classic
    • Delphi Chic
    • Delphi Bride

Delphi Classic

Delphi Classic is the sub brand of Delphi that deals with the eastern prêt collection

Delphi Chic

It is the modern and the western version of the brand that contains beautiful dresses such as ball gowns, ball skirts, cock tail dresses and much more

Delphi Bride

This version is exclusively for brides and contain eastern and western bridal collection for the ladies

In addition to above mentioned brands there are other sub brands called Delphi Babies and Delphi Girl

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