Eden Robe Be Jubilant Eid Collection 2016

Eden Robe Be Jubilant Eid Collection 2016


Eden Robe is the most prestigious and celebrated brand of Kids Clothing in Pakistan. The best thing about Eden Robe Eid Collection 2016  is that they are stylish and chic and are comfortable to wear for the little angels. The fabric, material and accessories used by the brand Eden Robe are of high quality and suit the kids very well. Eden Robe has also launched their Eid Collection recently BY THE NAME OF Eden Robe Eid Collection 2016


The Eden Robe Eid Collection 2016 contains the western and the eastern clothes for the kids both boys and girls. The western clothes include pants, trousers, T shirts and dress shirts for the boys and frocks, skirts and tight shirts for the girls. The best thing about Eden Robe Eid Collection 201 is that they also launch a range of their eastern clothing at all the festive and special occasions like Eid. The Eden Robe Eid Collection 2016 contains Shalwar Kameez and Shalwar Kurta for boys and dress frocks, chooridaar, kameez shalwar and Kurtas for girls.

Highlights of Eden Robe Eid Collection 2016


The Eden Robe Eid Collection 2016 like its earlier tradition has launched their new and stylish ethnic collection for the girls. This is the Eden Robe Eid Collection 2016 for the girls that has two major highlighted items in the brand. These items consist of:-

  • There are vibrant and eye catching colors of theEden Robe Eid Collection 2016 that are created into formal dresses
  • There is beautiful embroidery on the neck line and the front panel of the dressesEden Robe Eid Collection 2016
  • The beautifulEden Robe Eid Collection 2016 dress is made of classy fabric such as pure chiffon and crape
  • There are a number of other things that are used to embellish the dress inEden Robe Eid Collection 2016
  • TheEden Robe Eid Collection 2016 embellishments include fancy buttons, laces and embroidered patches

The Eden Robe Eid Collection 2016

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