Ego Ready to Wear Winter Collection 2015

Ego Ready to Wear Winter Collection 2015


Ego A Dynamic Brand

Dynamic, flexible, exciting and classy clothing, Ego is out class fashion brand and unlimited range of men’s wear and women’s wear that mixture of best quality with mind blowing performance. Ego designer is the most exclusive and innovative design product. Ego is a famous fashion designer of Asia industry and get more popularity India with their most amazing and stylish combination of colors. Ego is a Designer Brand that strengthened our belief in terms surpassing the Elite Expectations of our valued Customers. It’s Mission to satisfy the customer, to evaluate the most effective, innovative, to compete the task or aggressive designs. Its   strong strengthens to cross its competitors and control on its weakness and worked on it to expand their business.


Ego began to start their careers during 2006 and they launched such a sum Collection of seasonal and occasional. Ego purpose to encourage people used Ego collection according to Fashion trends. Ego has franchise, shipments and online collection of outfits. Ego has categorized summer or winter both collections.

Names Given to Dresses in Ego Midsummer Collection 2015


There are various names given to the dresses that are launched in the ready to wear midsummer collection of the brand Ego. The names of the prominent dresses are:-

  • Flowery
  • Trinkets
  • Retro Flower
  • Landscape
  • Shining Star
  • Rose Full
  • One Direction
  • Up Side Down

Styles and Colors in Ego Ready to Wear Winter Collection


The use of the colors and the stitching styles of the Ego Midsummer Collection is very intelligently and sharply designed to impress the clients. There are colors such as cream, powder pink, fawn, beige, light green and many cool and stylish colors. The collection of the Ego Ready to wear consists on a single ready to wear kurti.

Designs of the Ego Ready to Wear Winter Collection

There are stylish prints on the front of the kurtis with stylish stitching of the sleeves and the collar of the shirt. The lengths of the kurtis are varied as there are long as well short shirt kurtis in addition to the mid length kurti as well. There are different patterns of embroidery such as Turkish flower embroider, heavy gold thread embroidery, sleeves full of embroidery and many other different styles.

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