Ego Summer Pret Line Vol III

Ego Summer Pret Line Vol III


Ego is literally one of the most iconic brands of Pakistan of recent times. This brand has become the iconic brand of the youth of Pakistan and the dresses and accessories of Ego are literally to die for. There are unique blend of style and stitching in the dresses launched and marketed by this brand. The dresses are usually simple but still they are very attractive and eye catching. The girls go gaga over the dresses and the related accessories launched by Ego. Ego has recently launched their midsummer collection that is really worth buying. Classy Dressy fashion blog brings for the stylish and up to date ready to wear spring summer collection


The use of the colors and the stitching styles of the Ego Midsummer Collection is very intelligently and sharply designed to impress the clients. There are colors such as cream, powder pink, fawn, beige, light green and many cool and stylish colors. The collection of the Ego Ready to wear consists on a single ready to wear kurti.

Designs of the Ego Summer Pret Line Vol III 2016


There are stylish prints on the front of the kurtis with stylish stitching of the sleeves and the collar of the shirt. The lengths of the kurtis are varied as there are long as well short shirt kurtis in addition to the mid length kurti as well. There are different patterns of embroidery such as Turkish flower embroider, heavy gold thread embroidery, sleeves full of embroidery and many other different styles.

There are a number of varieties that are given differ names according to the theme and the style of the colors and these are as under:

  • Malang
  • Bird Pop Crazy
  • Delight


Price Range of Ego Summer Pret Line Vol III 2016

The price range of Ego Ready to wear Midsummer Collection is from PKR 1400 TO PKR 5000

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