Eid ul Fitr Cuisines 2016

Eid ul Fitr Cuisines 2016


Eid Ul Fitr is the most celebrated and waited festive occasion of the Islamic calendar. Muslims around the globe celebrate Eid ul Fitr as a reward from Allah in return of the thirty rozas of Ramazan in which Muslims abstain from drinking and eating for certain hours for the goodwill of Allah.  Eid-ul-Fitr is known by “Sweet Eid” or “Meethi Eid ’because of the variety of sweet dishes being cooked and consumed on this day celebrating Ramadan’s happy end. In order to celebrate Eid, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran and India have many traditional dishes. The breakfast includes Sheer Khurma which is a sweet dish made of sevaiyaan (a long form of pasta) cooked with dates in milk. It also consumed before the Eid prayer offerings. It depends from locality to locality the type of dishes being cooked but all the forms of dishes are sweet dishes only. Cham cham, Gulab Jamun, Barfi, rasmalai (a sweet dish made of milk) and various other sweet dishes are very popular in the areas of South Asia. The dishes are consumed in the houses as well as offered to friends and relatives who come for a visit on this festival.


  • Sheer Khurma

This dish is specially associated with the Eid Ul Fitr and is a kind of desert that is made of savviyan, milk, dates, almonds and sugar. Sheer Khurma is especially used as breakfast on the Eid day after offering Eid prayer.

sheer 2

o    Kheer

One of the special deserts of India and Pakistan is the Kheer that is made of rice and milk in such a way that it looks like a sort of rice pudding. The dish is decorated with almonds and pistachios and is very tasty to eat.

kheer kheer2

o    Shahi Tukray

It is also an amazing desert that is regularly made in houses during the festive occasion of Eid. This dish is made of bread, milk, sugar and almonds and nuts are used to decorate the dish to make it even yummier.

shahi3 shahi1

o    Biryani

Biryani is a typical South Asian cuisine that is made up of rice, spices and steamed meat. This is one of the most loved dish both among the adults and the kids and is essential part of the Eid Lunch table

biryani1 biryani2

o    Chicken Qorma

This is also very special Pakistani and Inidan dish in which chicken is cooked along with spices, green chilies and coriander. The dish is eaten with roti or nan

o    Mutton Karahi

One of the favorite dishes of the male member of the family is the mutton karahi. The dish is made of lamb meat that is cooked with certain spices and cooking oil. This is one of the most commonly made dishes of Eid.

mutton karahi2 mutton karahi1



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