Elan Lawn Collection 2016

Elan Lawn Collection 2016


Élan is the name synonymous to the sophistication, decency and style. It is relatively a new and emerging brand offering a lot of variety in prêt and casual wear. Élan has wide range of varieties including, formals, bridals, semi formals and lawn wear. Élan lawn collection 2016 is now in stores and is one of the most celebrated brands of summers this season. Some of the fresh and vibrant designs of Élan can be shown as under


The best thing about Elan is that there are about fifteen cool and breezy designs to choose from and you can surely select the design and print of your own choice. Another plus point of Élan lawn is that the designs are ethnic, classy and modern at the same time. So you can achieve a silhouette of style and epitome along with grace

The color combinations of the designs are also to die for. Almost all the chic and pleasant colors of summers are covered by the creative team of Élan as they have introduced dresses in candy pink, black and gold, sky blues, monochromes and all the top colors of the season


One of the best things about Élan is that although the collection is unique and limited still it is easily available in the market and both the masses and classes can access these designers’ suits. Élan suits comes with 2.5 meters silk and chiffon duppatas that add additional grace to the suits. There are separate back pieces and front pieces of the shirts along with embroidery


This year’s collection of Élan lawn is launched with the help of Sapphire Textiles and creative head of the collection is Khadija Shah. At Paper.pk fashion blog we bring complete range of Élan Summer Collection 2016 for your review. Have a look at the designs and hues at this online catalogue and grab your favorite pieces from the markets as soon as possible.

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