Elan Sauvage Collection 2016

Elan Sauvage Collection 2016


Élan is the brand that needs no introduction at all. The brand is creating its own landmarks and own milestones with each and every passing day and with each and every collection of the brand. The brand has embarked its image by its formal, semi formal and bridal collection. In addition to that the occasional collection of Élan is also eye catching and become an instant hit with the audience immediately after launching.

Élan has recently launched its Tropical Escape Collection under the banner of Élan Sauvage. This is also the fall collection of the brand that is introduced in the bold and vibrant hues.  The style of the collection is inspired from the tropical arenas and tropical lands. That is why the brand owner and the creative designer of the brand have done their best to create the magic of tropical arena on the dresses of this collection.

Details and Design of Élan Sauvage Collection 2016


  • There are beautiful prints on the dresses inspired from tropical birds such as ducks, flamingos, Brazilian parrots and Australian parrots
  • There are beautiful depiction of tropical plants on the prints of the dresses
  • The tropical flora is also printed on the dresses to give a breezy and cool look
  • The colors used are precisely of the tropical atmosphere such as green, blue, pink, yellow
  • The basic theme of the dresses is tropical jungle theme

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