Élan Tribe Winter Prêt Collection 2015

Élan Tribe Winter Prêt Collection 2015


Élan is a Lahore based clothing brand that was originally founded by the very creative and talented designer Khadija Shah. The brand is now touching the global heights due to its unique blend of elegance and style along with the affordability and innovation. The brand covers almost all the clothing lines from formal to prêt and bridal to casual collection. Recently Élan has launched their new and refreshing prêt collection that is especially designed for winter and fall season in Pakistan. Paper Pk brings for you a look at these refreshing and bold prints along with the stylish stitching.

Highlights of Élan Tribe Winter Prêt Collection 2015


Elan is the brand that is focused to carter the taste and the needs of the women individually. One eye of the brand is always kept on the international fashion and as a result the end product produced by the brand is not only lovely and stylish in the national market but also stands out in the international market as well. The new luxe prêt collection of Elan is really a hit as it has following highlights:-

  • The prints and the outlook of the dresses is very edgy and innovative
  • These dresses are ideal for the daytime casual looks of the winter
  • The inspiration of these prints is drawn from the old age tribe living and rituals
  • The base of the prints is monochrome that is mixed with the sharp pop of the colors
  • The pattern of the dresses are tribal, geometric, artistic and floral
  • There are embroidered upper such as the embroidered necklines
  • The dresses are further adorned with the lace, organza and embellishments that gives an additional oomph to the dresses
  • These dresses look beautiful with the sleek cigarette pants

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