Essential Eid Beauty Regime 2016

Essential Chaand Raat Beauty Regime 2016


Eid is around the corner as Ramadan is saying Goodbye to all of with these few last fasting days. Eid , the festival of happiness, love, blessing, zest and zeal is approaching fast. The festival of Eid has a special importance for the women as they want to look unique beautiful and charming at this special eid day. Women remain busy throughout the Ramadan as they have to fulfill their duties in the kitchen and keep the entire family natured and nourished during the holy month of Ramadan. The last day of Ramadan is and the eve of that is known as the Chand Raat. This raat is the special festival for the kids and ladies as they complete their entire beauty regime on the Chand Raat so that they can look eternally beautiful at the Eid Day. Classy Dressy brings for you the essential beauty regime for Chaand Raat and Eid that will help you look beautiful, refresh and stylish at the auspicious occasion of Eid.


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Facial is a process of cleaning your skin to make it soft, supple and beautiful With the help of facial the dirt and toxins of the face are removed and dace look fresh and beautiful. Facial includes a number of skin care treatments such as cleansing, exfoliation, polishing, extractions, massage and polishing of the skin to make it smooth. There are a number of different kinds of facial and you can select one of them according to your skin type such as Acne Facial, Herbal Facial, Whitening Facial, Medicated Facial and many more.


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Manicure is a beauty and medicated treatment for the hands and nails. This can be performed at a salon or spa or also at the home. The process involves the cleansing the nails with the creams and also filing, buffering and clipping the nails to keep your hands and nails clean and beautiful. The manicure also includes the application of the finger nail polish.



Pedicure in the spa salon in the garden


It can be termed as the superficial beauty treatment for the toes, feet and the finger nails of the feet. This is somewhat similar to the manicure as the same creams and same treatment for the feet is used in the manicure as well. Pedicure helps in preventing nail disorders and nail diseases. With the help of pedicure you can get rid of dead skin on your feet as well and it will give a natural shine to your feet in addition to relaxing them.

Hair Treatment

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There are a number of hair treatments available that will make your hair soft, straight, sleek and beautiful after applying these treatments. You can go for Keratin treatment that helps in making the hair smooth and beautiful and providing a silk and softness in the hair. In addition to the Keratin you can also go for rebounding as well that make your hair permanently straight and silky. In addition to that you can go for the hair polishing as well that give a natural shine and natural brightness to the hair.

Hair Color

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Hair Color is one of the most important beauty regimes that is also added to your beauty process of the Eid and Chaand Raat. Hair Color transforms the entire personality of the women by giving a beautiful touch to the hair you can go for the hair color, hair streaks, hair balayage, hair ombre and many other stylish hair colors this eid Chaand raat.

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