Farah Talib Aziz Digital Prêt Fall Collection 2015

Farah Talib Aziz Digital Prêt Fall Collection 2015


Farah Talib Aziz is an emerging designer of Pakistan whose work is lush in terms of her signature embroidery, motifs and the style of the prints along with the hues of the dresses. The philosophy of Farah Talib Aziz dresses is to enhance and elaborate femininity in the dresses and make them appealing to the women of all the ages. The clothes of the designer exhibit sheer elegance, class and sophistication among the stunning audience. Recently the designer has launched her new prêt collection that is based on digital prints.


The prints are very cool, breezy and light. There are mostly floral prints in the dresses that provide a look and the feel of festivity and a pleasant touch of breeziness in the fall and winter season. The base color used in most of the dresses is white and printing is done with the different colors on the base color. The colors use in the collection is pink, green, blue, white, yellow and lime green.

Stitching Style and Fabric used in Farah Talib Aziz Digital Prêt Fall Collection 2015

The fabric used by the designer is digital printed silk and linen that is also premium in terms of quality. The dresses are along with the trousers and almost all the trousers are of cotton and are beautifully decorated by fancy button, laces and different kinds of embroidery. The trousers are stitched in the form of most modern and stylish dresses as they give a look of both trousers as well as Capri.

Highlights of Farah Talib Aziz Digital Prêt Fall Collection 2015

  • The collection consists of single digital print kurti or tunic that is also called as short shirt
  • The prints are bold mostly comprised of the floral and garden inspired
  • The colors are bold and dark according to the fall and winter season
  • The dresses are adorned with the embellishments such as pearls and small beads
  • There is a complete range of colors such as darker as well as the lighter tones with the ligh cream base of the shirts
  • Mostly dresses come up with the white trousers and white Capri pants and white culottes

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