Five Beautifying Summer Drinks

Five Beautifying Summer Drinks


Summers are here and in this kind of scorching heat of Pakistan it is very important to remain properly hydrated and nourished in terms of liquids and drinks. The sun and harmful heat rays can dry and dehydrate our skin by evaporating moisture and water from skin and body. In order to avoid this cruelty from summer sun you need to replenish your body as much as possible. Classy Dressy is going to tell you a few refreshing and energetic drinks for you that are extremely incredible and you will feel fully fresh and hydrated by using these drinks as a routine of your hot and summery days.

Lemon Detox Tea

Mint tea with lemon

Lemon is one of the most rated and the natural source of vitamin C that keeps your body and skin hydrated. The Lemon Detox tea surely detox your body by burning excessive fat and helps in digestion in summers as well. It clears out detoxins from the skin and keeps you refreshed and nourished


One Cup Hot Water
Two to Three Dices of Ginger
Half Lemon
One Dash of Cayenne Pepper

Take a cup of water and add two to three dices of ginger. Make the water bowl for one minute. Pour into cup and squeeze lemon and add cayenne pepper and your refreshing drink is ready.

Fresh Green Smoothie

Green smoothie

The green vegetables and green fruits give you the appropriate amount of vitamin A, B, C and K. These vegetables and fruits are also rich in antioxidants. Kale is a green vegetable that is rich in bita carotene that gives you an ultimate glow.


One cup Spinach
One Cup Kale
One Cucumber
Two Stalks of Celery

Mix all the above mentioned vegetables in blender along with one glass of cold water. Mix them well to make a uniform smoothie.

Antioxidants Smoothie


Antioxidants are required to make a better immune system. Antioxidants also protect your skin from the harsh effects of weather. Antioxidants also repair damaged and dull skin.


One cup of assorted Berries
One cup of pomegranate juice
One cup cold water

Add all these things in the blender and mix it well. You can add a bit of crushed ice and a pinch of salt to add some extra flavor.

Flavored Water


This is one of the easiest and effective way of staying hydrated is to drink a lot of water. Drinking water keeps your skin healthy and supple. It also helps in avoiding dryness of the skin.


Fresh fruits like water melon, berries, lime, citrus fruits
Fresh Filtered Water

Add the fresh fruits of your choice along with the herbs in the jug along with fresh and cold water. Let the fruits and herbs infuse in the water for three to four hours and drink this water throughout the day.

Mint and Lime Iced Green Tea


Green Tea is a miraculous drink that rejuvenates and refreshes your skin. It also boost your metabolism and helps strengthen your immune system. Mix the below mentioned ingredients to make a mint and lime iced green tea and enjoy this tea in summers.


Eight to nine cups of water
Eight Green Tea Bags
One Bunch of Fresh Mint Leaves
One Cup Sugar
Half Cup Lime Juice




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