Florals in the Air

With the beginning of the new season, we could observe a rush of floral prints, scenic imagery, birds like parrots and flamingos being introduced in the ethnic every day wear after stepping down from the runways this spring. This may not surprise you since the evolution of flora and fauna may not be new to us. Last year, there was a clear emphasis on this as displayed by Lawn designers. Dresses decorated with bombastic floral motifs captured with flora and fauna prints are the pride of racks. With splash of colors and nature intact visuals, exhilarates freshness and soothes senses.

These inflorescence and botanic blossoms can be witnessed and enjoyed through the innumerable new summer collections in town. Threads and Motives have introduced their coral prints, florets and botanic digital printed range which is a refreshing break from the traditional thread work, use of organza and embroidered motives.

Like every season, Wardah Saleem has chosen to hang on to flowerts. With her splendid display at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 16, she has welcomed the year with the cheerful and vibrant collection. The models wore flower headbands and handbags showing the designer’s love for florets.

You can find an extensive range of variety at Sapphire, which is the talk of the town this year. Women literally fight over the outfits. Sapphire has moved ahead from Floras, they have beautifully embedded Chinese civilizations, parrots, nightlife, dawn and dusk, historical encounters and forest themes. Their pret is embellished with stones, sea shells, ancient coins and buttons.

Ethnic by outfitters is very prominent this year with their elongated inspirations that are closely related to nature and culture. This extension of Outfitters is dedicated to bring you ultimate sophistication and elegance in the form of fashion clothing. With the iconic fusion of lawn and cotton shirts , they have subtly blended traditions with fleeting modernity by introducing the 19th century rococo in their daily wear offering a classy and elegant look. They have sub categorized their pret in accordance with to the prints. These prints vary from conventional orange and lemons, vintage rococo, beads and spril colorway, botanic and water flowers, bugs and flowers, seaweeds and HD botanical. Their creativity doesn’t end here, they have kurtis under Japanism and London; showcasing the elements from victoria and 19th century era for London and small huts,temples and islands for Japan.

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