FPW 2016: Fix It by Deepak Perwani

FPW 2016: Fix It by Deepak Perwani


Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani (born 1973) is a Pakistani fashion designer and actor. He is a member of the Hindu Sindhi community in Pakistan.The designer was famous with his work in men clothing line but with the growing emerging market of women ready to wear and designer dress market. In Pakistan, people are willing to spend more money on purchasing outfits especially most people are ready to spend money on designer dresses that provide an elegant and uniqueness at behind of these dresses. Deepak Perwani started designing women clothing as well. His collections have been showcased in Dubai Fashion Show, Zargali Premier and Lux Style Awards.


Deepak Perwani presenting a very out class groom dress collection 2016. The trend of Pakistani Baaraat & Walima Dresses 2016 for brides and groom is facing many changes. Every groom and bridal wants to look stylish and gorgeous on their wedding. Every year brings a lot of changes in different things and fashion is one of those things. Baaraat and walima are the day that comes once in life. On this day both the men and women want to look beautiful and attractive so that they can impress everybody.


Fix It Collection 2016


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As fashion drives itself from the time that we live in and inspiration can be taken from anywhere, Deepak Perwani presents the “Fix It” Collection based on the current political scenario of the termoil karachi is going through.

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