Hamna Amir Designer Jewelery Collection for Wedding Season 2015

Hamna Amir Designer Jewelery Collection for Wedding Season 2015


Hamna Amir is an established name among the jewelry designers of Pakistan that always comes up with the new and innovative ideas regarding ethnic, traditional and bridal jewelry of Pakistan. The best thing about the designer is that she is able to create a unique and classy piece of jewelry while keeping in mind the casual feel that will not burden the person wearing the jewelry piece by Hamna Amir. The aesthetics of the jewelry are classy and eye catching and the make and cravings of the jewelry make this brand worth a purchase for your special events such as weddings and other formal events.


The materials used by Hamna Amir to design her jewelry is pure luscious and of the premium quality. The stones that are used to adorn the jewelry are precious and semi precious. The patterns of the colors are sparkling and unique that helps in creating the soulful master pieces of jewelry by the designer.


As wedding season is round the corner after the eid and weddings will be on full swing in Pakistan from October to December. Due to this fact paper Pk brings for some exclusive pieces from Hamna Amire Designer Jewelry Collection so let’s have a look.

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