Hopscotch Kids Eid Collection 2016

Hopscotch Kids Eid Collection 2016


Hopscotch is a kidswear brand inspired by the colors and joys of childhood. We enjoy pretend games, be it slaying dragons with a pencil sword or camping under an emerald-green blanket conjuring the deep Amazon jungle. We like exploring new places, ideas and discovering new things. We love pillow fights and spring picnics in the park. But what we absolutely adore is the gurgle, the giggle, the belly-full of irrepressible laughter that these simple pleasures evoke in our children.
We bring this philosophy, embracing joy and fun, to kids’ clothing and accessories (currently focusing on 0-12 year olds). Hopscotch is not only about the childhood game that we played with our friends in the cemented driveway after school, it is about capturing the vibrancy, the playfulness, the unpretentiousness of a child’s life in a brand that we would love our kids to wear.

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