How to Make this Eid-ul-Azha Special for your Family

How to Make this Eid-ul-Azha Special for your Family


For a number of families in Pakistan Eid is no different from any other day of the year. They follow same and monotonous routine at Eid day that includes Get up Early, Offer Eid Prayer, Eat Meetha and Hug Eid Mubarik to the Family Members. However Paper Pk brings some new and innovative ideas that can make this special for you and your family this year. The ideas are as under:-

Start Eid Planning in Advance

In order to make your Eid special plan in advance by arranging a family meeting one week before Eid. Discuss the ideas of the Dinner and Lunch, ask suggestions from everyone including kids and teenagers. Ask about menu, home decoration and other related sort of things.

Clean and Decorate the Home

Clean and decorate your home as it will give a perfect festive feel and look to your home. Wash and clean the entire house and if your budget allows you plan for a white wash in the entire house. Decorate your house with balloons, streamers, banners and candles to give a festive feel

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Make Special Dishes

Make special food and dishes that are not included in your routine menu. Add special sweet dishes and special treats in the menu


Exchange Gifts among the Family Member

Exchange gifts such as chocolates, flower bouquets and other small tit bits as gifts among the family members. Gifts will make the occasion even more special and will help in adding warmth among the relationships.


Buy New Clothes and Dress up Properly

Lot of people buy new and stylish clothes at Eid and it is very special indeed. The best thing to do in Eid is to get up early and to look stylish as well as lovely at this special day. As this day is special it is better for you to give yourself a special look.


Invite your Neighbors at Lunch or Dinner

Inviting Neighbors on the Eid day is a very special gesture that will not only make their Eid special but also yours as well. You can invite them if you have time or resources or you can only send them gift or something special to eat such as cake, sweets etc.


Dine at some Restaurant on Eid Day

To make the Eid evening even more special dine out with your family at some special restaurant. Now this is the occasion of the Eid ul Azha so you can arrange a barbeque night at the roof top.



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