International Bags and their Local Replacements

International Bags and their Local Replacements

Bags are considered as one of the most important accessory if you want to look classy and elegant. if you have a bag that suits with your dress and runs smoothly with your personality you have won the half of the fashion battle. International and designers bags are creating ripples all around the globe however these designer labels are expensive and not all the people out there can afford to purcashe Elie Saab, Gucci, Valentino and Bottega Veneta. Today at Classy Dressy we are going to present designer bags and their local replacements that are available in Pakistan. If you cannot afford the international designer bags you can definitely go for these local brands as they look classy and elegant as any other international brands.

Accessorize and Khaadi with Ethnic Options


Ethinic bags by Accessorize are very much in fashion and a must have in the summer closet of 2016. Ethnic bags by accessorize are decorated with ethnic embroidery and beads. These are quite an expensive pick and if you can afford accessorize you can go for Khaadi that is also producing ethnic bags similar to accessorize.

Bottega Veneta and Hobo with Chunky Clutches


Bottega is an international brand that is known for classiest and most elegant bags. One of the local find that can replace your love for Bottega is Hobo that is affordable and yet classy enough to replace Bottega.

Valentino and Mahin Hussain with Bird Themed Bags


Birds either tropical or local are one of the most desired item and artisan that is currently used by the designers in their products such as outfits and bags. If you love to have a bird themed valentine bag but unable to afford it don’t get dishearten as we have a local replacement of this beauty and that is Mahin Hussain bird themed bags that are really beautiful and a must have item for summers.

Elie Saab and Nishat with Box Clutches


Quirky and stylish box clutches are always in trend and never go out of fashion. Elie Saab is the brand that is not easy to afford as it is often called as the brand of celebrities. If you love to have Elie Saab box clutch don’t worry because Nishat has presented such box clutches for you that are similar in style and finish.

Accessorize and Almas with Funky Clutches


Funky and fun clutches are hottest selling trends these days. Various celebrities are seen supporting funky clutches such as ice cream clutch, pop corn clutch, cup cake clutch and many other. Accessorize is providing us with lovely funky clutch that are for sure not in our range so we can go for funky clutches by Almas that is our very own brand at Liberty.

Chloe and Stoneage with Shoulder Bags


Suede shoulder bags are also very happening with jeans and short kurtas. There are a number of shoulder bags options in international brands such as Chloe and the local counterpart of this stylish shoulder bag that is stoneage. Stone Age is affordable yet classy for chic and classy look of the quirky girls.

Gucci and Hobo with Mini Bags


Gucci is one of the most sought after brands of the international stature. However Gucci is not all affordable by everyone so we have a solution that is a local brand Hobo by Hub that is producing the same mini bags as the Gucci so please have your pick.

Fendi and Werdah Saleem with Handle Bags


Handle Bags are delight to see and wear and just think that if these bags are adorned with the birds and beautiful natural objects. Fendi handled bags are a wish item but also a luxury so you can go for a Wardah Saleem designer handle bags with beautiful embroidery of birds and natural patterns.




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