Junaid Jamshed Abaya Collection 2015

Junaid Jamshed Abaya Collection 2015


Junaid Jamshed is also the one of top celebrity brands of Pakistan which was started in 2002. In the start it was only offering the men wear but later on it started to provide clothing for women, men, children and teen. His production list was further expended from casual wear to grooms wear. It should be added that it is not the name of cloth brand for men and women but it also has the children collection which further divided into infants, teens, boy and girls. After achieving the great success in fashion market now J brand also offering the groom’s wear like men’s Sherwanis, Turbans, Khussas and Shawls. A unique combination of colors and most attractive designs fulfilled the customer’s desires.


To make the outlook suitable for any occasion J also offering the fashionable shoes, jewelry and bags for men and women. In very short span this brand has won the hearts of its customers at national and international level. No doubt that it has won Brand of the Year Award in the fashion retail category for 3 consecutive years. After maximum branches across Pakistan this brand also expended in Middle East and UK with outlets in Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah and now in Saudi Arabia too. Junaid Jamshed’s new lawn collection 2015 is the mixture of latest fashionable, trendy and stylish dresses.


Junaid Jamshed Abaya Collection

The abaya “cloak” (colloquially and more commonly), Arabic abāyah , especially in Literary Arabic.
Some women in parts of the Muslim world including in North Africa and the Peninsula. Traditional abayat are black and may be either a large square of fabric draped from the shoulders or head or a long caftan. The abaya covers the whole body except the face, feet, and hands. It can be worn with the niqāb, a face veil covering all but the eyes. Some women choose to wear long black gloves, so their hands are covered as well. Abaya or gown mostly used in arab countries and Muslims countries .women wear abaya or gown for fashion or some wear for their region demand.


Abaya is not required by law in most Arab countries, yet women tend to wear them anyway. Again, this is because the Quran states that women must carry themselves with modesty; some women believe that they can show their modesty in other ways,. But now a days abaya become a fashion.girls and women love to wear abaya or gown.abaya and gown designed in different styles according to countries fashion and trend. Let’s have a look at latest Abaya Collection by Junaid Jamshed

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