Junaid Jamshed Fragrances 2016

Junaid Jamshed Fragrances 2016


Junaid Jamshed has set his position as dress designer for not only women but also for men. And now is hitting all top stores worldwide with Junaid Jamshed

Within a short span of time, J. has expanded its reach across Pakistan and abroad. Its 50+ outlets in Pakistan alone are a testament of the efforts the company has put in to become the country’s largest fashion retail brand. Best of all, each outlet has a new and inspiring outlook where customers can shop in comfort. This truly justifies the fact that the company has won Brand of the Year Award in the fashion retail category for 3 consecutive years. Aside from its extensive network of branches across Pakistan, J. has also set its foot in the Middle East, USA and UK, with its branches in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bradford, Birmingham, USA and a new branch which is about to open in Saudi Arab. This makes the brand a one-stop shop for All Seasons and All Occasions. The summer exhibitions organized by J. also receive an overwhelming response from our customers where we unveil our latest designs and styles. This has motivated us to hold exhibitions in other cities and countries besides Karachi.

2He is very renowned personality of Pakistan and right now he is disclosing his collection of Perfumes. It is consider as Pakistan’s only and elegant perfume brand which has offered vast range of French and Oriental perfumes for men and women. These Fragrances are one of the basic necessities of one’s life, your personality would be incomplete without it. To enhance your events and parties with amazing collection of J. Fragrances, Junaid Jamshed is all the way here. Some of these Fragrances could be your choice of cologne selection.


The best thing about parties is the beauty you adorned except from the formal days. Then how can we forget about the fragrance. A scent that is important to your personality. If you are interested to get the best scents and perfume then we assure you that J. Fragrances is the best name in this collection. J. Fragrances collection got much of aroma, which everyone desire in such season. The designing and appearance is also well decorated and pure. It is one of the right places to get everlasting aroma in scent and perfumes.


The natural ingredients have been used.We are confident and beyond any doubt that ladies, gents and young girls would love these J. Fragrances. People who are crazy enough usually want something embellished which enhance their looks. These Perfumes are quite desirable and independent entity for them who worth it. Every fashion style of J. Fragrances represents the international standards of unique fragrance you ever dreamed of. J. Fragrances products are known for its high level fashion quality and design. The kind of aroma used is also very adorable and material used is much more stunning and advantageous from top Fragrance companies of the world. Every fashion style of these Perfumes represents the international standard of unique collection you ever desired of.

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