Kayseria Pure Nature Lawn Collection Vol II

Kayseria Pure Nature Lawn Collection Vol II



‘Kayser’ is Saffron. ‘Kayseri’ is the color of Saffron. Kayseria is the Jogi, the pilgrim adorned in the unstitched Saffron robe. The Jogi sets out to discover the beauty that transcends this world’s confined concepts and journeys onto something magical and majestic.


A Kayseria design is made with the sincere intention to adorn the wearer and enhance their beauty.
Our designs are contemporary and timeless because of their strong roots. These designs are original because they remind us of our pure origin. When you wear Kayseria’s designed fabrics they will look good today and with our high standards and fabric quality they will look good in years to come.


The soil and soul of our land is our biggest inspiration and we have celebrated the ethnic genius of all parts of the sub-continent. Our inspirations are drawn from all over the world. We have brought together all these inspirations under one roof to show you that beauty is universal.

Indulge in our printed fabrics, embroideries, embellishments and special editions.

We are Kayseria.
Magic In Print.

p o n m l k j i h g f e d c b a

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