Khaadi Eid Collection 2016 Fluidity of Florals

Khaadi Eid Collection 2016 Fluidity of Florals


Khaadi Eid Collection Print Blast

Khaadi is the iconic brand of Pakistan and this is the only local brand of Pakistan that is creating ripples in the international market as well. Khaadi has revolutionized the world of fashion in Pakistan in both prêt and unstitched clothing and is catering the needs of women of all ages and all classes. We can say that Khaadi is the brand of classes as well as the masses because Khaadi has come up with compete range of dresses in stitched, unstitched and prêt form that can be afford by the middle class ladies as well the high class snobs.


Khaadi is famous for launching their new and unique range of dresses and the entire line that is launched on special and festive occasions such as Eid, Summers, Winters, Valentine and other festive occasions n Pakistan. Khaadi has launched their new and fresh collection for the Eid 2016 that is launching at the 27th of this month May. The brand Khaadi has launched their Eid collection as the name of Khaadi Eid Collection and it is going to launch on 27th May 2016 so the ladies have ample time to get their dresses stitched at the festive occasion of Eid. Khaadi Eid Collection is awesome and unique as well as it is the signature style of the Khaadi that will make you feel that you wearing the  stylish dress from the most favourite brand.

Highlights of Khaadi Eid Collection 2016


This collection of Khaadi is of three piece unstitched dresses and given the name of Fluidity of Florals. The items included in this collection are

  • Unstitched Embroidered Shirt
  • Printed Chiffon Doppata
  • Plain Dyed Trousers

Prints and Designs of Khaadi Eid Collection 2016


The Fluidity of Florals as the name indicates is a flow of florals in the unique and most beautiful way. The combinations are lethal and the prints of the dresses are breathtaking. The Doppatas are of light weight chiffon that are breezy in texture and very easy to wear in the warm weather of the Eid.


The colors are also very cool and pleasing to eyes. There are pastels bases that are intelligently mixed and amalgamated with the bold colors of embroidery to create a mesmerizing effects on the people. Classy Dressy brings for you the complete catalogue of the Fluidity of Florals so please have a look and select a design for you to be worn on the festive occasion of Eid.



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