Leisure Club Eid Collection 2016

Leisure Club Eid Collection 2016



Once upon a time, in a land of 180 million people, where locally made good quality, trendy, and affordable clothing was not available, a compassionate & quality-obsessed company by the name of Sefam Pvt. Ltd. stepped forward to make a change. And so, on 18th April 1997, hard-coded with the values of quality, integrity, compassion and ingenuity, Leisure Club was launched.

Almost 15 years on, Leisure club still upholds its core values, inherited from Sefam Pvt. Ltd, with unparalleled excellence. Thanks to people like you, Leisure Club today is the largest clothing brand in Pakistan for adults, tweens (pre-teens), & kids, boasting 57 stores across the country.

We at Leisure Club work tirelessly to ensure that we meet global standards, offer the latest fashions – whether they be eastern or western, and provide our loyal customers with the best value for their hard earned money. Leisure Club is intensely proud to be 100% Pakistani and our goal is to ensure that we ignite this sense of pride in our customers too when they wear our products in any part of the world.

Leisure Club Eid Collection 2016

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Attention! CLUB X has been spotted on the Fashion horizon, heading in your general direction at what appears to be speed equal to breakneck cool. In Overdrive. The sky turns dark as smoky charcoal grays and sleek blacks meet ultra classy jackets, sweaters, dirty denims and knits, at terminal velocity what we have here is not the end, but a new beginning. This is not the apocalypse; it’s the Apo-cool-ypse. Xpect this winter to be nuclear because this megalith is an absolute beast unchained stampeding in like an irresistible force just itching to meet its immovable object.We’ve said too much. The countdown has already begun.

LC KIDS Leisure Club Eid Collection 2016

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We want to give out children the very best and that’s why LC kidz takes special care to ensure our little giants are not only comfy, but stylish. We design clothes with attitude that let kids express the exuberance of youth and make life easier for ami and abu.Its Kidz unlimited!

Leisure Club Eid Collection 2016


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The Working Woman is Pakistan’s premiere clothing brand for women’s workwear. The Working Woman’s trouble free philosophy is simple, sutble, and sensible clothing. In brief, we give you clothes that work!

Leisure Club Eid Collection 2016

LC Boutique has been fabricating exquisitely elegant

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