Lux Style Awards 2015

Lux Style Awards 2015

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Lux Style Awards made a stunning and heart winning comeback in this year 2015. The event of the awards was lavish and was embellished with the star studded performances of many of the big names of Pakistani film, tv, stage and fashion industry. The brand Lux brings the crème of Pakistan under one roof to celebrate the style and the fashion industry of Pakistan.


Hosts of the Lux Style Awards 2015


The show was hosted by two of the most famous and popular heart throbs of Pakistan Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. Mahira Khan was looking extremely beautiful in luxe ice blue gown by one of the Lebanese designer George Hobeika. Fawad Khan was looking dapper in trim cut suit by Republic.

Yasir Hussain was the comic relief of the show that brought his talent between the different performances. Yasir with his performances left the audience in the fits of laughter and make the entire feel of the show light and breezy.

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Memorable Performances of the Lux Style Awards 2015

There were a number of memorable performances in show that are listed as under:-

  • The night kicked off with the original much loved qwali of Sabri Brothers Tajdaar-e-Haram
  • There was a spicy dance performance by huge stars of industry Momar Rana and Resham
  • Ayesha Omer performed on her peppy number Tutty Fruity from the movie Karachi to Lahore
  • Amna Ilyas also perfromaed vividly on the stage
  • Ahmed Ali Butt performed his single number from Jawani Phir Nahee Ani and was joined by his co stars of the movie
  • A homage to Ali Zafar’s music was paid by Umair Jaswal, Sara Raza, Jimmy Khan and Farhan Syed
  • The grand finale was performed by Rahat Ali Khan and his songs were performed by Nooray Bhatti, Fia Khan, Sadaf Kanwal and Sabeeka Imran
  • The styling of the performers was done by Nabila and her team

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Award Winners at Lux Style Awards 2015


Model of the Year Female: Amna Ilyas

Model of the Year Male: Shehzad Noor

Best Fashion Photographer: Nadir Feroz Khan

Best Hair and Makeup: Nabila

Achievement in Fashion Design Prêt: Sana Safinaz

Achievement in Fashion Design Luxury Pret: Sana Safinaz

Achievement in Fashion Design Menswear: Ismail Farid

Achievement in Fashion Design Lawn: Sana Safinaz

Achievement in Fashion Design Bridal: Nomi Ansari

Best Emerging Talent: Sadaf Kanwal

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Best Film: Na Maloom Afrad

Best Director: Nabeel Qureshi Na Maloom Afrad

Best Actor: Javed Shiekh

Best Actress: Saleha Aref

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Best Album: Dareecha By Zoe Viccaji

Best Music Director: Adnan Qandhar

Best Sound Track: Billi by Fizza Ali

Best Emerging Talent: Sara Haider

Song of the Year: Roiyaan by Farhan Sayed

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Best TV Actor: Hamza Ali Abbasi Piyare Afzal

Best TV Actress: Aiza Khan Piyare Afzal

Best TV Serial: Piyare Afzal

Best Writer: Khalil Ur Rehman

Best Director: Nadeem Baig

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Life Time Achievement Awards

  • Mussarat Misbah
  • Syed Noor


Popular Celebrities at Lux Style Awards 2015

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