Maria.B lawn Collection 2016

Maria.B lawn Collection 2016


Maria.B is Pakistan’s No.1 fashion brand which was introduced in 1988 and now reached to an international level. Maria’s outfits mostly made from pure chiffon, lawn, cotton and silk for enhancing the grace of modern women. Nowadays women don’t only want to look modern, stylish, fashionable and classy but they also want to look unique and different from others. Maria. B winter collection fulfills the wish of the ladies by designing unique and exclusive dresses.


Maria.B is a Pakistani designer that needs no introduction. Maria.B is the most iconic and the most experienced designers of Pakistan that has been working since last 15 years. Maria.B has created her own niche and own market in terms of designs and styles. Maria B is the designer of Pakistan whose fashion collection is most awaited by the both masses and classes and everyone looks forward to see that what kind of masterpieces she has created this season or this occasion. Recently Maria B has launched her lawn Collection 2016 that is absolutely amazing and breathe taking. Paper Pk brings for you the glamourous pictures of Maria B ready to wear lan Collection.


Our today’s post is going to unveil a fantastic array of winter suits for ladies. Maria. B has set the target to provide best design for women and girls in winter collection 2016. Maria. B provides a fabulous, embroidered and fantastic outfit according to fashion and her clothing brand is famous due to its innovative designs, best quality fabrics and charming colors. Each and every young girl seeks out class or attractive look now a day’s which is impossible without fashionable dresses.

  • There is front embroidery on the neckline of the dresses
  • There are stylish motifs on the front of the shirts that are beautifully embroidered with resham thread
  • There is also a sort of patch work on the front of the dresses

Color Pallets


  • Red
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Blue
  • Off White
  • Sky Blue


Style and Design of Maria.B lawn Collection 2016


Maria B is an ace designer so she knows the requirements of the girls as well as the latest and the hottest trends. That is why she always designs the dresses and fabrics according to the requirements and the trends of modern era. There are a number of colors used in this collection such as off-white, grey, blue, red, maroon, pink, yellow and sky blue. The color palette is wide so that everyone can choose from their desired color. The collection offers following different styles for the clients

  • There are medium length shirts in the collection
  • There are flared frocks and knee length shirts that are made on the net fabric
  • There are also medium length cotton net shirts with Capri trousers
  • There are beautiful silk jackets with dropped and flared shoulders

Embellishments on Maria.B lawn Collection 2016


The dresses are adorned with beautiful embellishments that make them a treat to watch and a beautiful experience to wear. The embellishments on the dresses are as follows

  • Beautiful Embroidery on the side panels and the sleeves of the shirts
  • Digital printing on the silk
  • Screen printing on silk and cotton net
  • Cutwork on front and sleeves
  • Net Borders
  • Chantilly Patches

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