Mausummery Spring Summer Collection 2016 Vol 2

Mausummery Spring Summer Collection 2016 Vol 2


Mausummery is a well known and established brand of fashion clothing in Pakistan that is run by its creative designer Huma. Huma has established herself as a well known designer in the last four to five years and now her dresses and designs are very well accepted in the masses as well as classes. Mausummery has also won a number of fashion awards at different platforms in Pakistan due to their innovative designs and classic style. The designer of the brand is very creative and talented so she never disappoint customers with her designing skills that she incorporate very well in her suits and dresses.


The Mausummery Spring Summer 2016 is a worth watching blend of the modern designs and prints along with the ethnic and traditional patterns of Pakistan. The collection is adorned with beautiful floral, abstract and classy prints. The basic theme of this collection is floral that takes you on a trip down to the botanical lane. It seems that you are travelling is the mist full floral garden amusing yourself with the worth seeing portraits of nature.

Items Included Mausummery Spring Summer Collection 2016

The collection of Digital Dreams is comprised of the stitched shirts with exquisite floral prints on them. The collection consists of

  • Three piece printed lawn dresses
  • Three Piece Embroidered Lawn Dresses

Major Highlights of Mausummery Spring Summer Collection 2016


  • The colors of the digital dream collection are beautiful and vibrant along with the cool and subtle hues.
  • The prints are majorly botanical and floral along with the other styles intelligently interwoven with other kinds of abstract designs such as borders, neckline and sleeves of the dresses
  • In addition to floral there are also other stylish prints such as sketching building prints, tropical birds prints, sketchy mountain prints, temple prints and other prints of similar class and style

Price Range of Mausummery Spring Summer Collection 2016

Price Range of Mausummery Spring Summer Collection  is from PKR 2290 to PKR 6500

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