Mehreen Syed: The most sought after Modal of Pakistan

Mehreen Syed: The most sought after Modal of Pakistan

Pakistani showbiz industry is blooming with each passing day and the major contribution in this regard is that of the fashion industry comprising of models and fashion designers. There are number of beautiful and talented Pakistani models that are no less than any super model of the world and Mehreen Syed is one of them. Mehreen Syed can be rightly called as the super model of the Pakistani fashion industry. She is the unique blend of beauty, elegance and poise. Her sculpted features and tall height make her worth watching when she walks on the ramp.




Her height is about 5 feet nine inches that is perfect for a model and along with her height her figure and features accomplish her as a perfect model. Mehreen entered the fashion industry of Pakistan in early 2000s and soon she was the center of attention of every designer, show organizer and makeup artist. Since then she has never looked back and has done modeling for a number of top designers of the town. Mehreen Syed won best international model of the year award in year 2007 and in the same year she was also nominated as the Indigo Sunny Face of the year. Mehreen is the only Pakistani model that has been a cover girl for a well known Middle East magazine The ALAMRA.




In addition to being a model Mehreen Syed is also pursuing her career as an Entrepreneur. Her fashion institute is working under the label of International Fashion Academy of Pakistan. The school not only deals with fashion but also awards diplomas and degrees in photography, makeup and modeling. Mehreen Syed is also the spokes person of L’Oreal Paris and their franchise in Pakistan.






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