Mina Hassan Bridal Collection 2015

Mina Hassan Bridal Collection 2015


Mina Hassan

Mina Hassan is counted in one of the most alluring and regal fashion designers of the Pakistan. The designer label was first introduced in year 2002 by the very talented designer Mina Hassan. Mina Hassan has a legendry background and royal brought as he is the daughter of the legendry singer Noor Jahan. Inspired by her royal background the designer brings beautiful and elegant those are embellished with elaborate details which are very minutely created and are beautifully adorned on the dresses. The silhouettes of the dresses are majestic and definitely grant a majestic look to the princess bride.

Mina Hassan Bridal Collection 2015


Mina Hassan is basically known for her haute couture but recently she has launched her new and beautiful collection of the bridal dresses that are absolutely amazing. The beautiful dresses are amazingly created that can be worn as bridal as well as formal dresses on the upcoming wedding season of the year 2015. This exclusive bridal collection of Mina Hassan is available at the boutiques of the designer in Lahore and Karachi as well they can be purchased from the online portal of the designer. In addition to Pakistan Mina Hassan has also launched her new collection in the flagship stores of Lahore and Dehli.

Features of Mina Hassan Bridal Collection 2015

  • The dresses are jewel encrusted that make it to grant dress an exclusive princess feel and look to the dress
  • The dresses are rich in metallic embellishments that make dress a heavy yet elegant look
  • Mina Hassan is bringing back the combinations in the bridal dresses such as combination of maroon and skin that looks really beautiful
  • There is beautiful resham thread work on the dresses that look really beautiful with the stones and diamantes of the dresses
  • The dresses are in lighter tones that are completely rocking in this wedding season of 2015.

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