Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016 by Shariq Textile Complete Catalogue

Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016 by Shariq Textile Complete Catalogue


Mina Hasan first started with a small set up designing clothes for close friends and family which met with considerable success. She then went on to start her design house in the year 2002, specifically for haute couture and later expanded to include an exclusive line of semi-formal Prêt-à-Porter. The design philosophy guiding the Mina Hasan label is to create clothes that are, put simply, glamorous and unapologetically regal. Her ornate aesthetic brings luxury and extravagance, cut in classic silhouettes, embellished with embroidery in a myriad of colors and styles which make each piece a unique work of art. The team at Mina Hasan believes in producing clothes of the highest quality and every process is vigorously monitored at each stage of production. With their strength lying in the cut and the finish of each piece, all fabrics, stones, and laces are handpicked and imported personally to ensure a flawless level of quality.

The brands philosophy is to make women more refined and aware of their personal style. Mina Hasan herself believes clothes to be just one aspect of this – it is a general sense of poise and grace that Mina Hasan promotes, which doesn’t just come with donning a beautiful outfit but also carrying it with grace and femininity. To this end, she has recently also opened a salon in a collaboration with her niece Natasha as an extension of her brand’s philosophy and style. Eventually, the Mina Hasan brand aim is to become a wider-reaching lifestyle brand to include interiors, décor, furniture et al. Design, she maintains, is a way of living and reflects in every part of the way we are and the way we live.

Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016 by Shariq Textile


Shariq Textile is one of the prestigious clothing mills in Pakistan that are producing quality fabrics from the last many years. Shariq Textiles has now collaborated with the ice designers of Pakistan to take their clothing skills at a new level. Shariq Textile has roped in Mina Hassan, Nadia Hussain, Nomi Anasri, Shehla Chatoor and many other to design unique and luxurious clothing for their mills and make their customer base happy. Shariq Textile Eid Collection 2016 is now out and is designed none other than the most prestigious designer of Pakistan Mina Hassan. Shariq Textile Eid Collection 2016 has roped in iconic bollywood beauty Karishma Kapoor to model their dresses as she is truly the epitome of grace and beauty and can carry these outfits with poise and elan. Shariq Textile Eid Collection 2016 Shariq Textile Eid Collection 2016 Shariq Textile Eid Collection 2016 Shariq Textile Eid Collection 2016

Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016 Highlights and Details


  • Mina Hassan is a designer that plays with florals very intelligently and same is donein Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016 where she has introduced some new and unique floral patterns via embroidery
  • Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016the collection has a rich color palette that starts from the basic white color and move towards the darker tones of pinks, beige, green and ferozi and end at the bold colors of red and black
  • Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016is on pure chiffon fabric with elegant and breezy doppatas of net and chiffon. The doppatas in Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016 are also adorned with embroidery especially the Jaal style of embroidery is done on the dopatta that is the hottest trend these days
  • There is traditional style of embroidery onMina Hassan Eid Collection 2016 as there are embroidered necklines, embroidered daaman of shirts and embroidered sleeves hems. In few dresses there are also embroidered trousers as well.

Price Range of Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016

The price range of dresses in Mina Hassan Eid Collection 2016 is PKR 14000

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