Mina Siddique Prêt and Home Exhibition Karachi

Mina Siddique Prêt and Home Exhibition Karachi


Mina Siddique

Mina Siddique is one of the prominent artists of Pakistan that is known for her home accessories and prêt collection that is a treat to watch. The art work of Mina Siddique is based on the her original and authentic work that reflects the creativity of the designer. She has created her masterpieces on the canvas and the canson paper. Some of her iconic prints and iconic sketches are listed as under:-

  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Frieda Kahlo
  • Noor Jahan


Her forte is to add colors and hues to her sketches and then use them intelligently in different kinds of products such kurtas, cushions, lamp shades, scarves, capes and clutches.


Basically Mina Siddique is based in Dubai and her work is available through exhibitions that are way it is very exclusive. Mina Siddiques collection also contains furniture items such as quirky stools and quirky couches. In addition to that she also design home accessories such as artistic bird cages and Turkish tea sets. Paper Pk brings for you the stylish and artistic collection of Mina Siddique so please have a look.

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