Miss Universe Beauty Pageant 2015

Miss Universe Beauty Pageant 2015


Miss Universe Beauty Pageant is probably the one of the most awaited and the most watched and followed beauty pageant of the world. There are a number of activities that take place during this beauty pageant such as the beauty walk, the display of the national costumes of the countries of the participants, the swim suit competition and much more.

The Miss Universe 2015 Top 15 is being revealed. And the finalists are:


  1. Brazil
  2. Australia
  3. Indonesia
  4. Dominican Republic
  5. Philippines
  6. France
  7. USA
  8. Curaco
  9. Belgium
  10. Japan
  11. Venezuela
  12. South Africa
  13. Colombia
  14. Mexico

The final 10 contestants is being announced. And the finalists are:


  1. USA
  2. Colombia
  3. Japan
  4. Thailand
  5. Australia
  6. Dominican Republic
  7. Curaco
  8. France
  9. Philippines
  10. Venezuela

The evening wear section is under way. Votes here will impact on who makes the Top 5. Gold and white were Miss USA looked like she was wearing a wedding gown with a white dress and a cape on the back. Miss Thailand wore a white dress too with a similar style. Miss Australia rocked it in gold with a thigh split dress. Miss France looked demure in her strapless red gown.


There was also a lot of Twitter support for Miss Philippines in her electric blue gown.

The final five contestants are being revealed. And the finalists are:

  1. France
  2. Colombia
  3. Philippines
  5. USA


The Top three is here! And they are:

  1. USA
  2. Colombia
  3. Philippines


The final challenge is here.

Miss USA was first asked why she should be the next Miss Universe. She said she wants to “empower women all over the world” and “inspire people to believe in themselves”.

Miss Colombia said she should be the third Miss Universe because she has” all the attributes that a Latin woman has, a woman that is full of feeling, and a Miss Universe should have for all of her events”.

Miss Philippines was asked what she thinks it takes to be Miss Universe. She said she would “raise awareness to causes like the spread of HIV”, and she wants to show the world she is “confidently beautiful with a heart”.

The second runner-up is the USA.

The winner is Miss Colombia! No hang on, she’s the first runner-up. The real winner was Miss Philippines.

7 8 15 18 21

The Dramatic Ending

 In one of the most unexpected endings to a Miss Universe final, Miss Colombia was mistakenly crowned as the winner. The host had accidentally read out the wrong name.

His mistake meant one of the world’s most watched beauty pageants ended in shock and tears as Miss Colombia was demoted to being the first runner-up, and Miss Philippines was declared the official winner.

For around 90 seconds, Miss Columbia Ariadna Gutierrez was crowned the winner and had been given her flowers. She was basking in her moment of glory on stage.

She was then forced to give up her crown to Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

The ending left viewers on the edge of their seats.

2 3 10 11 12 13 16 17




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