Model Fitness Mantra: Cybil Chowdry

Model Fitness Mantra: Cybil Chowdry


Cybil Chowdry

Cybil is no doubt one of the most talented and super fit models of the Pakistan. She has got the right figure, height, features and attitude that is essential to become a super model of the fashion and runway industry. Cybil has modeling as running in her blood as her mother was a German ramp model so Cybil also inherited the genes of modeling from her mother. Cybil got her major breakthrough by creating her profile with the ace photographer Athar Shahzad. At the peak of her career she got married to Kashif and now she is the mother of two cute sons and also one of leading models in Pakistan. Today we bring the fitness Mantra of Cybil Chowdry so that our readers can have an idea of her diet and exercise routine.

Name: Cybil Chowdery

Fitness Mantra: Moderation

Daily Fitness Regime: A Short and Brisk Walk

Inspiration: Age, Mother, Kids,

Quote: It’s better to become an active parent as compared to becoming an unhealthy one

Fitness Goals

Cybil wants to be happy in her own skin and don’t copy others in order to achieve size zero figure. Her very diet essentials include fruits, fruit juices, vegetable, nuts and seeds, and lots of water. She doesn’t have any diet secret but she eats healthy and everything that she eats is in a portion control. On her cheat day she indulges herself to burgers and French fires but of course occasionally.

Diet and Fitness Routine

Cybil avoids sugar in her diet as she is not a fan of sugar and sweets. She is not crazy about being slim but wants to stay healthy and fit. Her favorite food is vegetable so she includes a big chunk of vegetable in her lunch and dinner. Her morning routine is to take three glasses of water on empty stomach that is followed by ginger green tea and a healthy hearty breakfast.

Workout Routine

She works according to her own schedule. Pilates and Dance is her favorite workouts although both of them are extremely difficult but she like taking challenges. She loves to work out on her favorite songs. Her secret of success is to remain positive even in the deadliest of situations.

Advice for Fans

Start your fitness regime in a slow motion but finish it real hard. Craft your goals and make them clear and try to achieve them. However always make some realistic goals and be positive in your life.

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