Motifz Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon Collection Vol 3

Motifz Embroidered Crinkle Chiffon Collection Vol 3


Motifz designer is the most exclusive and innovative design product. Motifz embroidery plays an important role in Pakistan industry. Motifz Industry started worked in 2004 and honor of a business is Hassan Ahmed Khan as a Chief Executive. Motifz is a Designer Brand that strengthened our belief in terms of surpassing the Elite Expectations of our valued Customers. Its constructed area of building is about two hundred thousand square feet building. Its manufacturing equipment is about 100 embroidery machines with different heads and specifications with fifteen embroidery thread colors. 6 digital printing with sixteen million colors and 100 stitching machines with related equipment. Designing team of Motifz visit major international exhibitions according to carry on today’s trend. Its production is about 99.5% with best shades colors.



The Motifz Embroidered Chiffon  Spring/Summer Festive Collection 2016 is adorned with the stylish and handmade embroidery. The colors are rich and lively and the patterns are bold and floral that helps in creating the festive look of the biggest festival in Pakistan that is Spring/Summer. These dresses are equally popular in girls as well. Classy Dressy presents and  brings for you the stylish yet sophisticated Motifz Embroidered Chiffon Spring/Summer Festive Collection 2016.The details of the dresses

The Fabric and the Items in Motifz Crinkle Chiffon 2016

The fabric used in Motifz Crinkle Chiffon Collection as the name indicates is high quality premium crinkle chiffon that is extremely comfortable as well as classy at the same time. There is crinkle chiffon shirt along with the crinkle chiffon doppata and trouser is made of crape or raw silk that is available on demand. The items include the following

  • 2.5 Meter Premium Crinkle Chiffon Embroidered Shirt
  • 2.5 Meter Premium Crinkle Chiffon Doppata
  • Crape or Raw Silk Trouser Available on Demand

The colors of the embroidery on the dresses are also very soft and eye pleasing. There are soft and mostly base colors are used for the embroidery such as pink and light green, pastel gold and silver, light yellow and cream shades of thread are used to make a soft impact.

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