Munib Nawaz Men’sClothing 2016

Munib Nawaz Men’sClothing 2016


Munib Nawaz is a genius and is famous for creating multiple unique looks for the men in different styles. Munib Nawaz is famous for giving  the men a flamboyant as well as classic look at the same time. Munib Nawaz has created a number of different looks for men in this recent photo shoots and used Junaid Khan as a model who has carried all the looks effortlessly without any hassle.


In this look he is sporting an Egyptian blue suit paired with a notch lapel peanut brown gingham print check waistcoat and a crisp white shirt. In this refined look he is breaking the rules of uniformity by adopting the “mankle” or in other words going sockless. This brings all the attention below the belt to his two tone brogues. Many guys fear wearing lapel on lapel but here at MN we are strong advocates of this look. And to finish this look off we throw in a aqua/blue paisley print pocket square.


The second look features a nail head patterned charcoal grey mandarin suit, this whole look is very uniform and plays with the peripheral imagery of this look. The Hounds tooth pocket square is essential to this look because it stands out in a way that is not too tacky but it certainly changes the way you look at a simple grey suit. The devil is in the details, we wanted to show how a simple choice of pocket square can bring your whole look up.


Third look is all about keeping it fresh and trendy without giving too much of the finesse away. Following the Spring Summer trend of Burgundy, we paired this sleek fit notch lapel Burgundy blazer with a floral print waistcoat which is giving the whole look a zesty feel without making it lose it’s sophistication. Tapered black pants to show off the ankle, along with a white shirt. Dark brown brogues complimenting the burgundy blazer and completing the whole look.


A pair of dark denims are a staple in any man’s wardrobe, if it’s not it should be because of the wonders it can do if paired with a solid shirt and a brown paisley textured suede jacket., typical Sunday Lunch wear. Again notice the floral pocket square standing out. If there is a lot going on with patterns on your jacket, like the geometrical half lined print jacket above, then we want you to neutralize it with dark solid colors. Let your outerwear do the talking for you.

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