Natasha Kamal Luxury Prêt Collection 2015

Natasha Kamal Luxury Prêt Collection 2015


Natasha Kamal is a new name in the Pakistani fashion industry and she is known as one of the most talented, intelligent and artistic designer that Pakistan fashion industry is having right now. She debuted with her new and exciting collection at PFDC fashion week 2015 with her stunning collection. The theory behind the dresses of Natasha Kamal is that to design such a dress that not only conveys an elegant message nationally as well as internationally. She has a unique mode of scheming, and her new adornment styles and techniques make her one of the most promising fashion designer of Pakistan. Recently she has launched her new and fresh collection that is labeled under her prêt collection. Paper Pk exclusively brings for you this new and heartwarming collection of Natasha Kamal so please have a look.


Inspiration of Natasha Kamal Luxury Prêt Collection 2015

  • The collection of Natasha Kamal is inspired from Art Deco Movement of 2015
  • There are traditional motifs in the dresses that are represented in a chic and stylish formant
  • There are rich color of the dresses with bold patterns and geometric shapes of the dresses
  • The ornamentation of the dresses is quite lavish
  • There are sweeping lines, stylized imagery and many other things that make this collection exclusive and unique.
  • There are modern silhouettes and deep hues of the dresses that make them entirely out of this world.


Fabrics used in Natasha Kamal Luxury Prêt Collection 2015

  • Pure silk
  • Chiffon
  • Cotton Net
  • Chiffon Net
  • Organza
  • Suede
  • Raw Silk


Embellishments Used in Natasha Kamal Luxury Prêt Collection 2015

  • Embellishments of the dresses are both subtle and striking
  • There is abstract use of Gotta
  • There is bold use of cutwork
  • There is use of crystal, sequins and beads along with the studs and metallic spikes

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