Needle Impressions Unstitched Premium Chiffon Collection 2015

Needle Impressions Unstitched Premium Chiffon Collection 2015


Needle Impressions is one of the classiest emerging brands of Pakistan. The brand is relatively new as compared to MARIA.B and Threads and Motifs however the products and the presentations of the brand are no less than other established and renowned brands of Pakistan. Needle Impressions is known for its exclusive embroidered collection on Chiffon, Net and Raw Silk Fabric. The classy look of the dresses make them a must have in your closet as a formal and semi formal wear. Paper Pk presents for you the premium chiffon collection of Needle Impressions that can be worn by you on the festive occasion of Eid ul Azha and other formal occasions of the upcoming wedding season.


The Color Palette of Needle Impressions Premium Chiffon Collection

The colors and hues used in this premium and luxury collection are endless and almost every color bold and light is present in the collection. The major highlights in terms of colors are depicted as under:-

  • White and Off-White
  • Cream and Yellow
  • Sea Green and Ferozi
  • Pink and Red
  • Black and Gold
  • Light Pink and Sky Blue
  • Emerald Green


Embroidery Style of Needle Impressions Premium Chiffon Collection

There is a lot of variety in the embroidery style of the premium chiffon collection by Needle Impressions. The embroidery is exclusive to the dresses and every dress has it own style and own presentation in terms of embroidery and stitching style. Major highlights of embroidery can be listed as under:-

  • There are long shirts with embroidery on the full front of the shirts along with on the borders
  • There are embroidered panels on the dresses in the form of flared frocks
  • There are embroidered sleeves
  • In few dresses there is embroidery on the back of the dresses as well
  • The embroidery is mostly in the form of floral patterns
  • Soft and beautiful thread is used to make embroidery look even more classy and enchanted
  • The colors of embroidery used are same as the dress colors or opposite such as gold, silver and same color silk thread.

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