Nilofar Shahid Lawn Collection by Ittehad Textile

Nilofar Shahid Lawn Collection by Ittehad Textile


Nilofar Shahid

Nilofar Shahid is the director of house of designer named and labeled as Meeras. Nilofar Shahid has come from a very rich and crafty background as her family is known as the family of worriers, poets painters and writers. The rich and creative background helped her a lot in producing craftsman ship and creative skills in Nilofar Shahid. The fodder of thought from her family members polished her creative skills and helped in accentuate her talent.  Recently Nilofar Shahid  has launched her new and latest lawnl collection for the Ittehad Textile 2016 that is true elegant and lavish. Paper Pk brings for you the new collection so have a look.


House of Ittehad:


Ittehad Group of Industry was launched in 1973. Ittehad textiles strongly emphasis on quality control as its printed clothes remained fully successful and left great impact on market. Ittehad Group of Industries has its own manufacturing network with spinning, weaving, printing and embroidery units. Ittehad Textile Industries not only competing the challenges of the beauty of season but also providing the cherish as well. Itikhad took good care while choosing the pastels shades, earth tones, soft colors, dreamy hues, delicate subtle tones, and some medium tones to jazz up the appearance of fabric. The adorable customers of Itikhad could find the unique range of floral, digital, abstract, and ethnic prints that will enhance their style in smart way.

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