Origins Luxury Eid Collection 2016

Origins Luxury Eid Collection 2016


Origins has created a mark in the Pakistani fashion industry as one of the leading brands for Pret and readymade clothing for women. The best thing about the Origins Clothing is the detailing of their dresses whether it is in the form of embroidery, stylish embellishments and detailing of the dresses. Origins was launched in the year 2001 and since then there is no looking back and Origins has established itself as the leading fashion houses of Pakistan fashion industry. Origins have a pride of taking forward the heritage of ethnic craftsmanship and threadmanship associated with the traditional Pakistani clothes for women. Origins provides a beautiful solution for the clothing to all the stylish ladies not only in Pakistan but it is sold like hot cakes outside Pakistan as well in the countries such as India, UAE, Bangladesh , UK and Canada. Classy Dressy brings the entire catalogue of Origins Prêt Eid Collection 2016


  • The Origins Luxury Eid Collection 2016 collection is worth watching and purchasing
  • Origins Luxury Eid Collection 2016 a unique blend of short and long shirts with ethnic embroidery in different patterns
  • Origins LuxuryEid Collection 2016 including traditional Kashmiri, Balochi and Sindhi patterns.
  • The colors and stitching style of the dresses is also very unique in Origins Luxury Eid Collection 2016.
  • Most of the embroidery is done uniquely on the front of the shirts including the neckline and the sleeves in Origins Luxury Eid Collection 2016
  • Moreover there is s a somewhat different blend of printed and embroidery patterns that make the Origins Luxury Eid Collection 2016a completely different collection from the other branded and designer dresses.
  • The Origins LuxuryEid Collection 2016 comes in stitched two piece and one piece dresses. Two piece dresses also include a doppata that is also of different types such as silk doppata, chiffon doppata or crushed cotton doppata.



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